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Roots and Wings I – Basic concepts of the Method

"Roots and Wings" is a set of 3 theory seminars, which are aiming to combine the theoretical deepening with practical experiences and abstract discussions with clarifying concretion. In Roots and Wings I we will concentrate on the outlining of basic concepts of the Theatre of the Oppressed that allow a critical analysis of the praxis of the method. The reflection process to be developed will form a theoretical arsenal that serves as the basis to construct a coherent praxis.


Roots and wings II – Dramaturgy

Work on the theoretical foundations of the concept within the Dramaturgy of Theatre of the Oppressed - both to deepen the understanding of the specifics required for the production of scenes and shows in the methodology, and to contribute to the artistic development of these theatrical productions and the process of creating of characters.


Roots and Wings III – Kuringa Praxis

The Kuringa Praxis is diverse and complex: from the identification and the aesthetic representation of the conflict, until the discussion and feasibility of strategies that enable the transformation of reality staged. The Kuringa Praxis requires thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of the method, sensitivity to understand the demands and challenges of reality and ability to re-invent the known to respond to them. Kuringa steps on the stage and acts, leads workshops and theoretical and practical courses, organizes and coordinates community groups, facilitates aesthetic processes, guidance artistic production, media theatrical dialogue, encourages analysis and realization of social concrete and continued actions and produces theoretical reflections on the practical experiences. Stimulates reflection, with questions and provocative comparisons, questions that generate responses and provoke new questions, encourages the expression and ensures space for diversity of opinions. It helps people discover their potential, to express their ideas and emotions, to analyze their problems and seek their own alternatives. Artist with pedagogical function, which places his art in the service of life. Specialist in continuous learning process. Artist that necessarily needs to become an activist. Qualifying for a Kuringa Praxis depends on theoretical study and practical experimentation, and it is built on human growth. This module aims to discuss the essential concepts underlying the Kuringa Praxis in the Theatre of the Oppressed method, to enable analysis and understanding of the complexity of this function.