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Rainbow of Desire

The proposal of this module is to investigate oppressions in its subjective aspects. In this direction, the search for a solution has to emphasise the imposed attitudes of those who oppress but also the reactions, contradictions and concessions of those who see themselves oppressed in the situation. The oppression situations are not limited themselves to the particular relation between an oppressor and an oppressed, being forged in the social contexts, which include and influence them: the involved social actors.


In the productions of Theatre of the Oppressed there is still a Manichean division between the characters, represented as one-dimensional: good versus evil. This way of looking at oppression can become a distortion of reality. Understanding the complexity of the oppression and of its social actors - who cause, suffer and feed it - is critical to the effectiveness of the search for alternatives. Analyze the logic of the oppressor behaviour is important to discover the structure of her/is strategies. The techniques of the Rainbow of Desire are extremely effective for the deconstruction of the various aspects that intertwine in structuring and maintaining the situation of oppression.


This module aims to provide tools for this research and demonstrate how the discovery of the complexity of the situation and the characters can enrich both the artistic result and the political discussion. This experience will be developed in the transition between techniques of the Rainbow of the Desire and Forum Theatre, in a context of activities of the Aesthetics of the Oppressed.