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KURINGA - Maieutics Attitude


This module aims to support participants in understanding and developing a Maieutics Attitude, crucial to the Kuringa Praxis.


The Maieutics Attitude evident itself a permanent investigative approach, which combines a desire to learn/understand and curiosity about the unknown and / or indecipherable, with the understanding that each situation is unique result of a diverse set of objective and subjective causes.


The investigative approach aimed at the composition of the more general framework that encompasses and explains the singular situation in question.


In this sense, listening to with accurate is fundamental attribute. Listen not restricted to the biological capacity to hear, but that requires concentrated attention to the speaker: the said and the unsaid, the body language, the emotional atmosphere, the tone and volume of voice, the duration of pauses, looking on everything else that can be revealing.


To have a Maieutics Attitude, beside the accurate listening and focused attention, we must develop the ability to formulate strategic questions that will help build the creative path of autonomous reflection.


The way that should be built by who walks – participants of the activities.  


Of course, this exercise can only be done when one believes in the potential of people with whom you work and the possibility of changing reality.


This module consists of activities that provide the possibility to exercise and analysis of this Maieutics Attitude.