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Passt… oder Passt Nicht?

Forum Theatre


Bankers, educators, governors and ministers break their heads and take up too much public space to talk about integration in Germany in our time.

Young Berliners take the word and take the stage to express what they think about it and to create new forums for discussion where everyone can speak.

Samir is a young Berliner son of immigrants, born in the district of Wedding, facing daily problems because of their physical appearance that qualifies as a foreigner. He asks himself about which kind relationship has with the land where he was born 16 years ago. The discussions on integration and on the future of Germany leave the pages of magazines and TV screens and appear within the classroom at school, bringing new questions to Samir for his colleagues and the public at the Forum session.

Forum Theatre is the representation of a real problem, presented as an open question to the audience, which is asked to step in and seek real alternatives to the transformation of reality staged.