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1 - 6 OCTOBER 2019, Uferstudios Berlin-Wedding 

1oct: KURINGA International Cast (7pm)

2oct: Bárbara Santos (4pm) / Theater der Verrückten Berlin (7pm)

3oct: Madalenas Bautzen, Demenageurs Amiens (4pm)
Roots&Wings New Deli, masculinities lab Berlin (7pm)

4oct: Krila Bologna, METOCA Guatemala/Video (4pm)
Roots&Wings New Deli, Rehearse the Revolution London (7pm)

5oct: Symposium <Aesthetics of Solidarity> (4pm)
Madalena Berlin (7pm) Till Baumann/sound performance,
Rainhas do Norte / Concert (9pm)

6oct: KURINGA International Cast (4pm)



Aesthetics of Solidarity brings together theatre groups from different European countries in Berlin in October 2019, a year that marks the decade of the death of Augusto Boal, creator of the Theatre of the Oppressed. The staged Forum Theatre plays approach the concept of solidarity based on social experiences and concrete political struggles of each of the groups and invite the audience to discuss and rehearse social transformation through theatrical interaction. The Festival also proposes the radicalization of the breakdown of the barrier between stage and audience in order to establish a dialogue through collective interventions, which are analyzed by the audience afterwards in order to reflect on social and political processes in our society. 


“AESTHETICS OF SOLIDARITY” is the third KURINGA forum theatre festival, which are all characterized by 

  • an actual aesthetic research process through the creation of a Festival opening play with a KURINGA international cast 
  • seminars for students of the KURINGA qualification courses 
  • theatrical laboratories for the groups and the KURINGA community, where all plays are discussed and concrete proposals are developed
  • public Forum Theatre presentations by theatre groups from all over Europe
  • public debates on theatre theory and praxis 


We want to set up a public debate about new forms of interactivity and participation in theatre and the connection of arts & politics in theatre theory and praxis. We will organize this debate in cooperation with ITI on a symposium on Saturday, 5thof October in the afternoon.


Aesthetic research and production 

Before the festival, involving an international cast of Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners, KURINGA will develop an artistic production which aesthetically investigates the topic of solidarity and allows collective intervention. The production will be shown as opening presentation of the Festival and will explore new aesthetic forms of Theatre of the Oppressed, which will open up new possibilities for interactivity and active audience participation.  


Festival evening programme 

Forum Theatre presentations of local and international groups, investigating the possibilities of aesthetic dialogue on the topic of solidarity, theatrically analyzing situations of oppression and their social context. There will be also film screenings about multiplication experiences of Theatre of the Oppressed.  


Seminars and Laboratories 

Seminars are spaces for reflection and exchange on concrete multiplication experiences of the participants of KURINGA qualification programme. 

Laboratories are spaces of constructive analysis of the Forum Theatre plays that were presented during the festival. The Forum Theatre groups receive impulses and concrete ideas for the continuation of their work.   


KURINGA – Space for Theatre of the Oppressed has been existing since 2011 in Berlin-Wedding. The theatre space in Grüntaler Straße 35 has become a place for qualification courses in Theatre of the Oppressed, community Forum Theatre group rehearsals and public theatre presentations as well as other events related to Theatre and Aesthetics of the Oppressed. KURINGA is based in Wedding neighborhood and at the same time is part of international networks such as the European network TOgether, the global feminist Ma(g)dalena International Network and the Latin American network ReLATO. 


Previous Festivals 

KURINGA has already organized three festivals in Uferstudios: 

  • APRIL in KURINGA, a Forum Theatre festival in April 2017
  • II Ma(g)dalena International Festival with feminist theatre groups from Europe, Latin America and Africa in September 2017



These festivals have been meeting points of groups, practitioners and multipliers, connected to the KURINGA Theatre of the Oppressed qualification. They have been platforms to connect local community groups with international Forum Theatre productions and also spaces of research, especially in Aesthetics of the Oppressed. 


Uferstudios (Studio 1) Berlin-Wedding 

Badstr. 41a (Tor 1) 13357 BERLIN 

(U8 Pankstraße / U9 Nauener Platz / S-Bahn Gesundbrunnen)




KURINGA Forum Theatre Festival

05. -07. April 2018, 19:00

Uferstudios (Studio 14) 


Contact: kuringa